Captain's Charity Race Night - Saturday 22nd July from 7pm

Our Men's Captain Mike Smith and Ladies' Captain Laura Key are hosting a Charity Race Night on Saturday 22nd July in aid for raising funds for local charity Freddie's Friends.

On the evening you will be able to bet on races with cold hard cash, and everyone has a chance of winning! It’s a fun packed lottery where everybody nobody has a competitive advantage. It’s fun for the complete racing beginner and expert alike and every race contains eight runners that you can choose from.

How does it work?

Before each race punters have a chance to bet. They can buy as many betting tickets as they want, the more tickets you buy per horse, the greater the share you'll receive if that horse wins!

Don't like to take risks? If you're a safe better you can bet on more than one horse to increase your chances of winning, but you're net profit won't be as much as you'll lose the bets on the horse(s) that don't win.

It is a non-profit event meaning that the ticket sales are there to cover the cost of the food and the race night equipment (any surplus goes to the charity), and a portion of the money from each race goes to the charity, while the rest is handed out to the winners!

Tickets cost just £5 including a finger buffet, so pop into the clubhouse now and get your name down for what promises to be a great night!

Burstwick Sixes Cancelled

Unfortunately due to lack of participation the Burstwick Sixes pairs competition scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled. This competition will be replaced by an Individual Stableford.

If you have any feedback as to why you haven't entered the Burstwick Sixes, we would be very grateful to hear it, please complete the form below:

Flightscope Xi Tour is the latest edition to the James Bisby Golf Academy

Our head professional James Bisby is always improving his teaching academy in many ways, from investing in his own professional development, and also buying the latest technology to take his coaching to new levels.

For a while it has been on James’ radar that the next big step for him would be to invest in launch monitor technology, but these things don’t come cheap so it’s been a long time in the planning.

James did his research across the market and in the end made the decision to go with the Flightscope Xi Tour, which is one of the leading launch monitors both on the PGA and European Tours and among PGA Professionals worldwide.

For those who don’t know what a Flightscope does, in simplest terms it gathers critical data from golf shots to help players get the best from their game. Flightscope uses Doppler Radar technology (the same as used by the military) to track each golf shot and derive data such as: club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, club path, smash factor, and many other attributes. These tools allow James to enhance his teaching and make more specific recommendations to his clients, as it unlocks a world of information about their golf swing.

Other great benefits of the Flightscope Xi Tour include club fitting and finding your distances of your full golf bag. Being custom fitted for clubs is crucial for getting the best results from your purchase, and by using Flightscope you can try various different clubs and James can analyse the data to make sure you the club you select optimises your ball flight because it is in tune with your golf swing.

If you would like to book a lesson, club fit or find your distances, contact James on 07896 257878 or email

More Generous Volunteer Work helping the Club Improve!

There seems to be a trend forming at Burstwick! First there was Darren Wilkinson making a great job of the 100 and 150 yard markers, then there were nine members who came to the first Volunteer Night, and now we have had two more members generously donating their time to improve things at the club!

This week men's Vice Captain and Captain have both been helping out with a few jobs that have been a big help to us. Bruce Carter has spent two days repairing divots on tees and also digging out sprinkler heads around greens and tees.

Mike Smith brought some of his own paint and treated the bench on 14th tee, after taking his time sanding the slats and getting them back in tip top shape. Mike also painted the other half of the car park posts that were started on the volunteer night.

Thanks very much everyone, your work is very much appreciated and it's helping make the place better all the time!

Well done to Laura Key on her excellent paint work of the Halfway House!

It's no secret that our Halfway house has been looking very tired recently. Our club proprietor had to do some much needed maintenance on the doors in Spring due to being battered from the weather, which meant we could re-open the main part of the unit.

This week Laura has continued the maintenance of the halfway house by completely gutting the toilets and repainting them, and giving the outside of the house three coats of paint. The finished article looks a great deal better than before, well done team!

Thank you to the Volunteers who helps last Thursday!

Last week we ran our first volunteer club at Burstwick. The idea was born from suggestions from a few members that said they’d like to help out every now and then, and that an arranged club every month would give them chance to do so in numbers.

The first volunteer club was scheduled for last Thursday and we're delighted to say that eight members turned up to help out.

With paint brushes in hand and a couple of tins of fence paint we set about giving the entrances of the locker rooms a nice coat of cedar. After an hour we had finished, cleaned up (mainly Alan's drips because he was putting it on a little wildly!) and all the equipment put back away. Easy!

With nine people doing an hour’s work that has saved one of our maintenance staff a full days work, and it’s a job that is difficult to get round to doing with so much work going on around the course.

We would personally like to thank Bruce Carter, Sallie Nielsen, Darren Marks, Rob Hunt, Shaun McGeachy, Craig Dodson, Mike Smith and Alex Foster for attending the night and helping out!

Burstwick Sixes

On Saturday 15th July we are hosting the inaugural Burstwick Sixes competition, in which 16 pairs are allowed to take part. The competition, which will be held over holes 1-2 & 15-18, will be in the form of a matchplay knockout tournament played over one day.

Handicaps will be limited to 30% allowance with specific stroke indexes for the day to allow for shots. The matches will be drawn at 7:30am, and some matches will be drawn to tee off the 16th and others 1st hole (to get the games moving in sync) at 8am.

We are asking all participants to stay for the day, even if they are knocked out. We hope to have a crowd spectating the final and third place play-off!

Entry costs £20 per pair and the first prize is £120 for the pair, while second and third are £80 and £60 respectively.

Put your names down in the clubhouse now before the 16 slots become full!


A Big Thank You to Darren Wilkinson

A big thank you goes out to Darren Wilkinson for volunteering to help our team by bringing in all of the 100 and 150 yard discs in the fairways, repaint them and then take them back out onto the course. The discs have looked faded for a while now and Darren came to us a few weeks ago asking if he could come and do the job for us if we don't have time.

Now they have been re-seated back into the fairways they are far, far more distinguishable for golfers, making it easier to judge yardages to the middle of the greens on each hole.

Thank you Darren, you've done a great job and we are very grateful!

Alex Belt sets new Course Record at Burstwick in The Audio Room Pro-Am

Last Friday saw our most high profile event of the year held at Burstwick, the annual Pro-Am sponsored by The Audio Room.

For those who are unfamiliar with the format of a Pro-Am, teams enter the competition which consist of one PGA Professional and three amateur golfers. The four play as a team in Am-Am format (best two scores from four on each hole) while the Pro also has their own individual score marked for a separate leaderboard.

Our Pro-Am is one of the best value events in the area, with a total prize value of over £5,000 split between professionals and amateurs, while entry is just £195 per team. Not only is the prize table worth a huge amount, but we put on a great day for all guests with a free halfway house which includes a boat load of food, soft drinks and beers, we also throw in four nearest pin prizes as well as a straightest drive. As we pride ourselves as a restaurant that produces high quality food, the included two course meal of chicken with white wine sauce followed by a home-made cheesecake went down very well too!

Now on to the scores. Last year just one under par won the top professional prize, but Alex Belt was having none of that in 2017. As a past winner on the EuroPro Tour, I know that Alex has a huge talent worthy of reducing any golf course to it’s knees, and as such he has held the professional course record at Burstwick since 2008 when he shot 64 (six under par).

This year he decided that 64 wasn’t good enough and beat that score by another two shots! 62 was enough to take the top spot by an amazing five shots. Astonishing.

Burstwick’s very own Joe Coyle followed behind with a very solid 67, alongside Cottingham’s Alex Boyton, to take joint second place, a great performance from Joe who definitely has much more left in the tank.

Leading the teams was Alex’s team “Belt’s Boys”, followed by Cobie Atkin’s team from Hainsworth Park, and in third, fourth and fifth positions were teams from Burstwick, with professionals James Drinkall, Rob Caldebank and Danny Wilkes respectively.

A huge thank you goes out from myself to Darren Bamford of The Audio Room (pictured above with Aran Wainwright of the YPGA and winner Alex Belt), and all of the sponsors who helped make the day possible. Not forgetting my volunteer for the halfway house Paul Collins, and all of the 25 teams who supported the event!

1stA. Belt62
2ndJ. Coyle67
=A. Boyton67
4thC. Ciullo70
5thJ. Drinkall71
=M. Brooks71
=S. Uzzell71
1stBelt's Boys123
2ndHainsworth Park127
3rdDrinkall and the Hangovers128
4thCDY Ceilings128
5thGolf's a Big Par-Tee129
6thPremier Site Services130
7thSure Shank Redemption130

More Hands, Less Work! Can You Help?

We are holding a volunteer night on Thursday 8th June 2017 from 6-7:30pm. The idea, which was founded by one of our members, is that we can use a volunteer crew to do some small jobs that will add up to make a big difference around the club.

In the first session of our volunteer club, we will be tasking ourselves with painting the wooden posts around the car park. Of course, we don't like to ask for help without offering an incentive or thank you, so we will be putting sandwiches and chips on for those who help us on the night.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! We'll supply the brushes and paint for the job. Just make sure you're wearing something old (but comfortable) that you don't mind getting the odd splash of paint on.

How much work is there to do?

There are plenty of little jobs that our staff are trying to get round to but often don't have time, so by running the volunteer club once a month through the summer, it will help us get the club in tip-top shape! 

The best bit is that everyone benefits. As a member of Burstwick, anybody who helps out will not only feel a great sense of satisfaction but also enjoy the fruits of their labour every time they come to the club!

What a Difference a Week Can Make!

We're not shy to say that disappointingly our greens haven’t quite been up to scratch since we cored them in March. A combination of cold, dry weather (we even had a frost last week!) has meant that our greens have struggled to grow and that has meant that marks from the winter have taken much longer to heal than we’d hoped. 

Mark and his team applied some fertiliser around 10 days before the  East Riding Union Members’ Meeting last Thursday - along with overseeding before that - in a bid to get them tip top for the Union’s first meeting of the year, but to be quite honest they just didn’t quite get there in time. The grass was beginning to fill out but we felt we couldn’t take the heights down on the mower and starting using groomers just yet.

Now that the weather has warmed up and we’ve finally seen some rain, our team spent a couple of days working on the greens and what a difference it has made (see photo which was taken on Monday). They are now rolling around 9.5 on the stimp meter (compared with 8 at the Union meeting), and already rolling much truer, and the surfaces look aesthetically much better.

Of course this hasn’t just come from a couple of days of rain and a lower cut, this has been in the pipeline for a few weeks but it has all needed to come together to make the difference. Now we look forward to continual improvement of the surfaces as the golfing season gets underway.

Captains Emerge as Winners in Seniors & Ladies Betterball

Winners Laura Key and Andy Steward

On a sunny Wednesday in May, 16 of our ladies and 16 of our senior golfers took part in a Mixed Betterball Stableford, for an annual trophy. This is the third year the competition has been played and the popularity has increased each year, which is testament to the hard work put in by the Ladies' and Seniors organisers. 

This year the scores were excellent, with six pairs shooting under par scores and the winning team made up of both Captains was a blistering 43 points!

Ladies & Seniors Betterball Results

  1. Andy Steward & Laura Key - 43 pts
  2. Ron Wicks & Karen Batty - 39 pts
  3. David Key & Ann Roberts - 39 pts
  4. Bill Broughton & Sue Grindall - 38 pts
  5. Paul Collins & Pauline Wright - 37 pts

Join us on Wednesday nights for the 9-Hole Competitions!

Every Wednesday through the summer we're going to be holding 9 hole competitions for members and the prize money will be given out in cash on the evening. In addition, members will be able to have a curry afterwards (optional) for just £5!

The first Wednesday of every month we will run the competition as a par 3 event where tees will be placed in random areas on the course to test even the most creative of golfers!

Put your name down for the Callaway Fitting & Demo Evening on Thursday 4th May!

We are hosting a Callaway Fitting and Demo evening on Thursday 4th May, where golfers can have the chance to try out the latest and greatest in today's golf equipment! 

Book your appointment by calling 01964 670112 and speaking to Alan or clicking the booking button below.

Join us for a Par 3 Competition before watching The Masters Par 3 Competition!

Next Wednesday we are holding a 6 Hole Par 3 Competition between 4-6pm, where members can come and test their short iron skills before coming back into the clubhouse and watching The Masters Par 3 Competition on the TV!

There will also be curry and rice or chips available for £5 afterwards for anyone who plays the competition

Entry will be just £3 per person and cash prizes will be handed out on the night to the winners.

Four for the Price of Three on Personalised Titleist Pro V1s!

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Four for Three on Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x

You can order 4 boxes of Pro V1's with custom print on the side for just £126! Come into the shop or click the picture below for more details. Offer ends 24th April 2017.

Are you Contributing to Slow Play?

With the news that golf's governing bodies The R&A and The USGA are looking to make drastic changed to the rules of golf to speed up play and make the game more accessible, we've come up with some top tips to avoid slow play on the golf course.

Everybody thinks they aren't a slow player, but if you're not doing all of these then you could be!