We've Moved Some Trees!

Our green keepers have been moving a few trees on the course over the past couple of days. Where from? Well a few of our bigger copses have so many trees in that we can go to the back and remove a few and relocate elsewhere to help them flourish, while not changing the visual effect of the copse they came from.

As we are moving the trees manually we are limited with the size of tree that we can use, which in turn limits the amount we have to move, but we'll keep doing small amounts over time and see where it takes us!

We've started by putting a few trees down the side of hole 18 to try and enhance the look of the hole from the tee, we think they already make a difference and are looking forward to see how they progress in the next 5 or 10 years!

New Drop Zones for Holes 6 and 11

We have created two new drops zones to the back-right of greens 6 and 11, and these are for people who have found their ball lying in the trees behind the green and are seeking to declare the ball unplayable with a penalty of one shot.

Because of the boundary fence it is mostly impossible to take relief when declaring unplayable and therefore can mean a near impossible shot, by using the dropping zones you are still dropping a penalty shot, but you have a chance of making a good chip. The rule is as follows:

Dropping Zone

Applies to holes 6 and 11

If a ball is found and lies in the copse of Willow trees behind the 6th and 11th greens, the player may:

(i) Play the ball as it lies; or

(ii) As an additional option, declare the ball unplayable and under penalty of one stroke, drop a ball in either of the dropping zones.


Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes.