What a Difference a Week Can Make!

We're not shy to say that disappointingly our greens haven’t quite been up to scratch since we cored them in March. A combination of cold, dry weather (we even had a frost last week!) has meant that our greens have struggled to grow and that has meant that marks from the winter have taken much longer to heal than we’d hoped. 

Mark and his team applied some fertiliser around 10 days before the  East Riding Union Members’ Meeting last Thursday - along with overseeding before that - in a bid to get them tip top for the Union’s first meeting of the year, but to be quite honest they just didn’t quite get there in time. The grass was beginning to fill out but we felt we couldn’t take the heights down on the mower and starting using groomers just yet.

Now that the weather has warmed up and we’ve finally seen some rain, our team spent a couple of days working on the greens and what a difference it has made (see photo which was taken on Monday). They are now rolling around 9.5 on the stimp meter (compared with 8 at the Union meeting), and already rolling much truer, and the surfaces look aesthetically much better.

Of course this hasn’t just come from a couple of days of rain and a lower cut, this has been in the pipeline for a few weeks but it has all needed to come together to make the difference. Now we look forward to continual improvement of the surfaces as the golfing season gets underway.

Fantastic Turn Out for Captain's Drive In Despite Damp Weather

On Saturday we hosted our 2016 Captains' Drive In, where we welcomed in the new Captains for the year and said good bye to 2015's. Early on Saturday morning the rain came down and it came down hard, so much so that there was a point when the Drive In was nearly called off!

But the hardy members at Burstwick arrived at the club to support the Captains while they teed off at 8am, and then continued to enter the Texas Scramble throughout the morning. It was a testament to members' when 17 out of 19 teams played in such horrid conditions, because when the rain stopped at 1pm the wind followed with a vengeance!

After the competition the Captains laid on home-made beef stew for the players, cooked freshly by our chefs at Café Nineteen - just what the doctor ordered!

Once all the members were back in outgoing Men's Captain Andy Wilson thanked the members for a great year and introduced his replacement Alan Mackinnon, who explained what his intentions were for raising money for his nominated charity, Cash for Kids.

Alan Key finished off by thanking all of the 2015 Captains and members for their support, and finished by wishing the four 2016 Captains Alan Mackinnon, Laura Key, Peter Roberts (Seniors) and Harry Giles (Juniors) the very best for the coming year.