We've rebranded the restaurant! Welcome to Nineteen, Restaurant & Bar

For five years now we have been running our restaurant, named Café Nineteen, and it has received excellent reviews from both golfers and non-golfers alike, on the quality of food and service.

We have decided to re-brand the restaurant with a name that we believe is more fitting: Nineteen, Restaurant and Bar.

There are a few reasons behind the name change, the first being that we felt like the restaurant has evolved over time and the word “Café” doesn’t give newcomers the correct image of what to expect. The second reason is that we are focusing on conveying a message that we are open to the public, with a very relaxed atmosphere and an ambience that is very different to a traditional golf club. 

With a modern attitude, friendly staff and chefs that pride themselves with their home-made food, we’re keen for everyone in the area to come and give our restaurant a try!

Contemporary restaurant just 10 minutes from Hull

New Menus Coming to Café Nineteen from 13th February!

New Year, new menus! We've decided to give our menus a refresh, which includes changing the format of our menus on Wednesday to Saturday evenings. From now on there will be one evening menu across the four nights, but we will also have a Special Occasions menu which can be pre-booked for those who want to have something a little more memorable.

Here's a sneak peak of the menus which are coming to Café Nineteen in February!

The Bar Refurbishment is Complete!

We've been talking for a few weeks about our planned bar refurbishment, and due to some delays with materials it took a little longer than we hoped but the work has now been completed. We hope you like what you see, we're over the moon with the result!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Hinkins Joinery for their stellar efforts creating and installing the new bar, this is the third time they have done work for us and we would highly recommend them!

New Bar Work Starts Soon at Café Nineteen

We have been quitely working on some things in the background that are coming to fruition in the coming months at Burstwick, and one of those things is a revamped bar.

We have been looking at how we can improve the bar area for a while and many ideas have been thrown about on what would make it more aesthetically pleasing from a consumer’s point of view.

New bar at Cafe Nineteen

The new bar will incorporate a TV, some nicely presented LED lighting over wine glasses and spirit bottles, and a wine rack showcasing our full list of sixteen hand-picked varieties of wine and champagne which most people probably don’t even know that we stocked!

We’re also fitting a new bar top to freshen up the front of the bar, and to set off the look with our fancy new bar pumps too! Our good friends from Hinkins Joinery will be starting on the new outfit in a fortnight and we can’t wait until it’s all finished so that we can receive feedback from our golfers and dining guests.