A great weekend in the sun at Scarborough

Last weekend our Men’s Captain Tony Howard hosted his Captain’s weekend away in the sunny isle of Scarborough!

On Saturday Tony had organised the 32-strong party to play at Scarborough North Cliff which is in fantastic condition, and the weather was absolutely perfect with sunshine throughout the day. On the day Tony organised a “Blind Betterball” where pairs were picked at random after the round had been completed. Tony Peroni and Matt Gilgeous took the top prize in this event with a fantastic score of 42 points.

This round was followed by a meal at the club and then we headed to our hotel in the centre of Scarborough to check in before we headed out for a small quantity of refreshments and of course an early night! The tee time for the second day wasn’t until 1pm so the lads didn’t have to be up too early which was music to Alan’s ears in particular, having contracted some kind of headache!

The second round was at Scarborough South Cliff and the format was a Waltz. The winning score of 18-under par was achieved by Past Captain Alan Mackinnon, Lee Jackson, Tony Sims and Jamie Gill, cracking scoring on the day!

A special thanks was given to the injured Past Captain Andy Wilson who provided the “beer buggy” on both days, although the amount of willing people accepting the beers was significantly less on the second day!

Many thanks to Tony for organising a fantastic weekend by the sea, and well done to all the winners!