Zebra Finance have cease all new lending

It came to our attention on Thursday of last week that Zebra Finance Ltd have ceased all lending for new or renewing clients. This is due to their funding bank R. Raphael & Sons PLC having their banking licence revoked from the Bank of England and are therefore being wound up.

Zebra Finance

This has significant affects in the short term as the club have been using Zebra Finance as our preferred lender for membership subscription direct debits, but we hope to have a new company to replace Zebra as soon as possible.

What does this mean for me?

If you applied for your membership finance before 15th March you shouldn’t have been impacted by this, as Zebra have told us that it only affected applications from this point, and that previous applications had already had their funding allocated.

Zebra have also told us that they have been in touch with every applicant that has been affected, so members should know their individual situation.

What happens next?

In the short term, we are continuing to honour all membership rights to all members who have attempted to renew with Zebra, and as soon as we have confirmation of a new funding company we will inform everyone affected and have them apply with the new company.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this situation, but we were kept completely in the dark on the matter by Zebra Finance and had no warning of anything happening of this nature, and we fully appreciate everyone’s patience while we get another finance company on board.

Get into golf with our Taster Memberships

It's the time of year again when we will be putting on a recruitment drive in order to attract new people to the golf and to the club. Our Taster Memberships have been very successful in the past and our new Head Professional Matt Daley is very keen to get started with the 2019 packages.

Aimed at golf novices and beginners, our taster memberships are a perfect way to get a feel for golf, with a block of group lessons from Matt Daley, 800 driving range balls and two months’ of golf. It’s a crash course in golf!

After the three month course has finished each person will have a good understanding of golf and will have improved by a good margin. We can almost guarantee too that they will want to continue further and play as much golf as they can!

The course of lessons will involve a general understanding of the rules and etiquette of the game and then Matt will move on to the golf swing, short game, and putting. All the while keeping fun and laughs as the main priority!

As part of the lessons and the range work, Taster members will not be required to have their own equipment or even have any golf apparel, they can just turn up in whatever they feel comfortable in and be ready to enjoy themselves and meet new people!

If you’ve been looking for a new hobby, or if you’ve always fancied a crack at golf but never got round to it, now is the perfect time to start with our Taster Memberships! Pop into our clubhouse or download an application form to apply now!

25% OFF Membership for groups of four new joiners!

If you are looking to join a golf club in the Holderness and East Riding area then look no further than Burstwick Country Golf. In August and September we are offering 25% DISCOUNT for groups of four new joiners, meaning you can save up to £140 on your first year!

This offer applies to new adult joiners over the age of 21 who have not been a member at the club in 2017 or 2018, and the group of four players must join at the same time.

Click below to apply online and see just how much you could save!




25% Offer

Direct Debit*

7 Day £595 £446£53/m
5 Day £495 £371£44/m
Senior 65+ £505 £379£45/m
Country (20+ Miles) £495 £371£44/m
Intermediate B (26-30) £415 £311£37/m
Intermediate A (22-25) £315 £236£28/m
Student(18-21) £215  
Junior 12-17 £70        
Junior < 11 £60        
Locker Rental (Optional) £50        

Two Months of FREE golf!

As part of our ongoing quest to grow the club we’re running a fantastic offer for new members between December and February.

If you join the club in these three months you will receive up to TWO months’ free membership, so you pay for 12 months but receive 14!

Couple this deal with the fact that we’re one of the cheapest 18-hole clubs in the area to join, and you realise how much of a deal this really is.

What are the benefits of being a member at Burstwick?

Honestly, one of the best things about our club in my opinion is that we are very open and friendly. We welcome everyone to the club whether they’ve been playing for 20 years or have never touched a club before and they are looking for a new hobby. 

On top of that, we have first class teaching facilities that are used by our PGA Professional James Bisby, including the latest technology from Flightscope and GASP video analysis. With all the tools at hand on our driving range and in James’ teaching studio, we have everything you need to learn, improve and perfect golf. 

As a member of Burstwick you are entitled to also receive 10% discount on any food in the restaurant, 5% off alcohol and 5% off range balls. For a keen golfer this can really tally up for some big savings!

Another part of the membership package is our reciprocal deal with 14 other clubs. As a member of Burstwick (and any of the other clubs involved) you are entitled to play each of the clubs for just £10 during the week or £15 on weekends. If you like to try lots of different courses then this scheme is perfect for doing just that. Since joining the scheme in 2016 we have had a lot of our members take advantage and enjoy some fantastic golf courses in the East Riding.

There are many other features of the membership package at Burstwick, but if you would like to know more feel free to call me on (01964) 670112 or email alan.key@burstwick.golf and I will gladly do my best to help.

Two month's FREE golf if you join between December and the end of February!

That's right! If you join Burstwick Country Golf between December and the end of February, you'll receive an extra two months of golf completely FREE! Membership at Burstwick is centred around excellent value and is already more cost effective than most local 18 hole clubs, so why not come down and give us a try?

Not sure? Come and pay for a round of golf and if you join later that day we'll refund the round, it's that simple!

As part of the membership at Burstwick you receive the following fantastic benefits:

  • Unlimited golf
  • Discounted rounds at 14 other local clubs (£10 weekdays, £15 weekends)
  • Exclusive members' discount on food, alcohol and driving
  • 'Thank you' Loyalty vouchers when you renew each year
  • Entry to regional and local events including Leagues and Opens

And much more! Have any questions? Call 01964 670112 (ext 3) and speak to Alan and he will do his best to help. Once you become a member of Burstwick we're sure you won't want to leave, so let's get joined up now!

Don't forget we do group discount if more than four people join at once too!

Taster Memberships Now Available from £80!

Starting golf can be quite a daunting thing and it can also be quite expensive. But it doesn't have to be! With our Taster Memberships, you can dip your toe in for a small cost and find out whether golf is for you.

A course of lessons and golf for £100!

If you join our beginner taster memberships, you will receive:

  • Eight golf lessons (May-June)
  • 800 range balls for the driving range
  • 2 months' unlimited* golf on the course (June-July)

By joining our taster memberships you will make new friends and hopefully find a sport for life. You don't need your own equipment to begin with and we make learning the game easy and fun. We've introduced many people to the game over the last few years with our taster memberships and we're sure 2016 will be just the same.

Those who have some golfing experience may choose to go for our Experienced Package, which doesn't include the lessons or the range balls, but costs just £80!

Call 01964 670112 or pop in and speak to our friendly staff!

* Unlimited golf without our opening hours, taster members are not entitled to the gate code to play after hours, as full members are.

Taking Up Golf isn't as Expensive as People Might Think

It's amazing how many people we speak to that still have the image of golf being an expensive hobby, and 20 years ago you could have argued that this was true. Thankfully nowadays golf has opened its doors to the masses and because of this the price of equipment and memberships has become very competitive, meaning that you don't have to be a company director or lawyer to take up the game.

Right now you can pick up clubs for an excellent price, as an example we supply Ben Sayers M15 (see image) full packages for just £199, and they include a bag and full set of clubs including driver, woods, irons and putter.

Shoes can be purchased as little as £40 and all you need to play on the course are some smart trousers or shorts with a polo shirt and you're away!

When it comes to paying for rounds of golf these can be had with our Green Card Scheme from as little as £8 for 9 holes or £12 for 18 holes, and then as you progress and play more, golf memberships for an adult can be had for as little as £38 per month 5 day (Mon-Fri) or £48 a month for 7 day. That's less than many people's gym membership or phone contract!

Don't forget our friendly staff are always on hand to give you advice about taking up the game. No matter what you're wondering, just ask us!

Golf is not an elite sport, it's a sport for the masses.

We also offer great value family memberships and group coaching too, so why not look at taking up a new hobby now and pop in?