New Truestrike Range Mats and 12,000 Golf Balls

This week we have had four new Truestrike mats installed on the driving range, which are designed to give you the most realistic feel from range practice - just like a fairway!

12,000 New driving range balls

We have also just put in 12,000 new two-piece range balls so that your golf shots will produce a more consistent ball flight compared with the old balls. For the past 5 years or more we have purchased 6,000 new range balls per year but this year we decided to double that number to get the number of quality balls in your basket much higher.

Greenkeepers Report May 2018


Bunker renovations

It has been a very busy week at Burstwick with the growing season now in full swing. Since the wettest winter in the fourteen years we have been open meant that we couldn’t get out and put sand in newly renovated bunkers, our staff have been working hard the past fortnight putting out 60 tonnes of sand, with another 30 tonnes to arrive next week for topping up other bunkers on the course.

Normally this would have all been complete by March but we’re now playing catch-up and should be finished with the bunker renovation work by next week, ready to begin mowing the bunker banks and keeping them as tidy as possible during summer (the banks have been left to grow longer recently because of the time we've had to put into bunker renovations, which are usually completed by March!)


Also this week we have begun work on manually overseeding greens. This means any small areas that have been affected by disease over the winter, old pitchmarks, and other worn areas are spiked, seeded and rootzoned to ensure new growth will come through. 

While this may look a little unsightly to some (small, sandy patches on the greens), it doesn’t affect the roll of the ball because it is so flat and within a couple of weeks the grass will have grown through and produce a great surface.

Rough, Irrigation Repairs, Tees

Other work we have completed this week had included: cutting the rough down, as it has been growing like it’s going out of fashion these past few weeks; we have also been continuing work on irrigation repairs, I have replaced two decoders to get the 12th green back online and also the third tee, there are a couple of repairs still to do and we are waiting on parts for these.


The onslaught against clover and other weeds begins in the next fortnight! We are taking delivery of 20 hectares worth of weed killer on within the next few days, and this will be used to spray fairways, rough, tees and basically anything that has clover on it!

To give you an idea of how much 20 hectares worth will cover, the most we have ever sprayed in one year in the past is 12 hectares worth, so we are determined in 2018 to break it's back!

Range Balls

We have 12,000 new range balls arriving at the end of June for the range, this is double the amount of balls that we normally renew each year. We are also looking at the possibility of installing three or four new TrueStrike mats, which are the best in the business, giving players a unique feel for every shot, just like being on a fairway!

For those who use the range often this should hopefully make a very positive difference to their practice regime.


All in all the course is coming on really nicely and the greens especially are running much better now that they have recovered from the coring early season. We're confident that with a more aggressive aeration and overseeding policy for the greens they will continue to improve year on year, starting with 2018. We should see the least of clover and other weeds around the course once it is sprayed in the next fortnight, so the fairways and rough should look much neater and also the speed of play will improve due to fewer lost balls.

Happy golfing!

Driving Range Loyalty Cards Are Back!

After our previous loyalty cards for the driving range were rendered obsolete by the manufacturer, we have been thinking of ways to best give bulk discount for our driving range.

We have now re-introduced loyalty cards for 500 (£22) and 1,000 (£40) range balls!

Driving Range Loyalty Card
Driving Range Loyalty Card

With the new cards the method is very simple, you bring yours to the counter and we give you tokens in exchange for marking off the card, it's that easy!

Don't forget also, if you're a member of the club you can get another 5% discount with your members' card, meaning that balls can be had as little as £3.80 per hundred!

New Range Balls, Targets and Mats Incoming!

New driving range target

We have ordered some new targets for the driving range, which should help enhance your practice at Burstwick. The targets we have ordered are two x 5m wide square and one x 4m diamond (see picture).

The four replacement mats we have ordered are the same as what is already on the range, these are premium range mats for left and right handed golfers.

As well as the new mats and targets, last week we took delivery of 6,000 new two-piece range balls and they have now been put in the ball machine. New balls achieve a truer, longer ball flight than those that are slightly warn, so golfers have received these very well!