As part of your membership you are now insured with England Golf and Bluefin Sport!

As part of being a member at Burstwick Country Golf, golfers are now entitled to free personal liability insurance to cover them in the event of an accident on the golf course.

England Golf have teamed up with Bluefin Sport to provide every member of a golf club that is affiliated to the National Union with public liability insurance up to £10m while on the golf course. As a member of Burstwick this automatically came into effect on July 1, 2019, and you do not need to do anything. In the event of a claim you would need to register at so that Bluefin Sport can validate your claim.

Bluefin Golf Insurance

So what's covered?

Basically the cover is for personal injury claims, so for example if you hit someone with a golf ball then Bluefin will cover you for the incident, however this only applies in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. You are also covered for abroad golfing if you have adequate travel insurance but terms and conditions do apply for this.

Are my clubs covered if they are stolen? Or am I covered for my bar bill if I get a hole in one?

The answer is no, this cover is intended for liability only, and does not include the extras that can be found in other packages with an annual fee. This insurance is purely to protect you on the golf course in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Benefits of being a member at Burstwick

As part of being a member at Burstwick this new benefit from England Golf is automatically included, as well as many other benefits at the club such as discount on food, drink, driving range and more. We are also part of a 15-strong reciprocal group of clubs which offer discounted golf for our members (from £10 per round at each club), as well as unlimited golf, having an official handicap and much more. If you woud like to know more about joining then visit or call us on 01964 670112 and we will be happy to help!

Thank you to the people that filled in the Members' Online Survey

Firstly we’d like to thank you for filling out our Member Survey back in December, which was aimed at getting your views on the club and restaurant. It’s taken us a while to collate the results as we have very busy preparing for the upcoming season, but we have been through each question thoroughly and discussed the results between the team at Burstwick.

Path at the 1st tee

The focus of this particular post is to talk about the two broad questions at the end of the survey about members' priorities for improving the course and club as a whole.

These open questions were intended to get members’ thoughts about the course and the club as a whole. The results were close to what we expected but there were some useful topics raised by some members that we weren’t aware of too, so thank you for sharing these with us.

Bunkers were the main subject of the responses, and we are well aware that there is a need for improvement. The downside for us is that the bunkers require more man-power and investment than any other maintenance on the course, so there is no quick solution. As mentioned in the survey we invested about 15% more in man-power on the course in 2016 than previous years, and aim to try and increase this, along with the renovation work we have recently been doing.

Renovated Bunker

We are a small club in comparison to others in the Hull and East Yorkshire, so our budgets need careful planning. We would love to employ more greenkeepers and have the course looking immaculate but our budgets right now can’t immediately achieve that. However, we do aim to improve annually and increase investment year on year so while it may be a slow process (hopefully) you’ll see us moving in the right direction!

Other comments for of improvement such as grass around the bottoms of staked trees, untidy areas near the 18th hole, a better entrance & car park, improvement of the half-way house, etc were mentioned by some of the members and these are all firmly on our radar, we are looking to improve all of this over the coming months and years to enhance the clubs image.

We’d like to thank all the members for their participation in the survey and also for their continued support and patience with the club. We’re a growing club and none of this could be done without you!


Get Your Names Down for the Invitation Day Now!

The sheet is now up for the Men's Invitation Day on Saturday 29th August 2015, entry costs £10 per member which includes the guest's green fee, and there is an optional two course meal for members and guests for £8 each.

The sheet is up in the clubhouse now for members to put their names along with their guests.