Burstwick Sixes

On Saturday 15th July we are hosting the inaugural Burstwick Sixes competition, in which 16 pairs are allowed to take part. The competition, which will be held over holes 1-2 & 15-18, will be in the form of a matchplay knockout tournament played over one day.

Handicaps will be limited to 30% allowance with specific stroke indexes for the day to allow for shots. The matches will be drawn at 7:30am, and some matches will be drawn to tee off the 16th and others 1st hole (to get the games moving in sync) at 8am.

We are asking all participants to stay for the day, even if they are knocked out. We hope to have a crowd spectating the final and third place play-off!

Entry costs £20 per pair and the first prize is £120 for the pair, while second and third are £80 and £60 respectively.

Put your names down in the clubhouse now before the 16 slots become full!