Scores reflect great weather at the Seniors' Xmas Invitation

Today we held our 2017 Seniors' Xmas Invitational, and Mother Nature gave us fantastic conditions for the event, showcasing the course in a great light. This competition is an open pair's event which is divided into four age categories: 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75+. With very little wind and quite mild conditions the winning scores in each category where all very worthy, two of the home pairs that came in with 46 points each thought they would have walked away with the top prizes but they were pipped by some cracking scores from away pairings!

Age 60-64NameScore
1stM. Woodhouse & D. Lawson (Drax) 47 pts
2ndA. Steward & G. Scott (Burstwick)46 pts
3rdB. Simpson & R. Devant (Boothferry)32 pts
4thP. Robert & P. Collins (Burstwick)40 pts
Age 65-69NameScore
1stD. Dance & P. Baillie (Boothferry)47 pts
2ndR. Tonkinson & D. Wright (Burstwick)46 pts
Age 70-74NameScore
1stM. Emson (Burstwick) & R. Harris (Chilwell)45 pts
2ndM. Leason & B. Todd (Hainsworth Park)44 pts
3rdG. Hornsey & P. Bridges (Hornsea)44 pts
4thA. Calverly & M. Parker (Hornsea)40 pts
Age 75+NameScore
1stI. Lewis & G. Dolman (Hornsea)42 pts

A Great Day Had By All at The Seniors' Christmas Invitation

Yesterday was our Seniors' Christmas Invitation, which consisted of players from clubs all around East Yorkshire and further afield entering a pair's competition which is divided into four age categories: 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75+.

We had around 80 players take part in the day and for the most-part the weather was very kind, apart from one short sharp rain shower in the afternoon which lasted about 10 minutes and caught a few players out. There were some great scores on the day, notably a score of 41 pts from Hornsea pairing G. Hornsey and P. Bridges in the 70-74 group.

Prize winners were as follows:

Age 60-64NameScore
1stM. Forde & C. Burrows (Drax)40 pts
2ndB. Simpson & D. C. Martin (Boothferry)38 pts (24 Bk9)
3rdA. Higgins & R. Ward (Hainsworth Park)38 pts (20 Bk9)
Age 65-69NameScore
1stT. Alcock & M. Bertano (Skidby Lakes)40 pts
2ndP. Collins & A. Smith (Burstwick)38 pts
3rdK. Heslop & R. Bray (Skidby Lakes)37 pts (22 Bk9)
4thP. Roberts & M. Emson (Burstwick)37 pts (20 Bk9, 2 Bk1)
5thD. Littlefair & R. Elliott (Drax)37 pts (20 Bk9, 1 Bk1)
Age 70-74NameScore
1stG. Hornsey & P. Bridges (Hornsea)41 pts
2ndM. Leason & A. Preece (Hainsworth Park)39 pts
3rdD. Marginson & M. McGing (Hainsworth Park)36 pts
Age 75+NameScore
1stI. Lewis & G. Dolman (Hornsea)37 pts

Thanks again to everyone who supported the event and well done to all the prize winners! We hope to see you all in the Spring.

Seniors Spring Invitational Results

Despite the drab weather three days beforehand, Mother Nature was for once kind to golfers on Monday 18th April, when we held our Seniors' Spring Invitational Betterball. Organiser of the event, John Dickins, had been working hard to get things ready for the event, and had managed to attract 80 players from all over Yorkshire to come and play at Burstwick.

The competition results were split into four age categories, and despite a fairly stiff wind there were some great scores on the day.

Age 60-64NameScore
1stS. Mouforth & D. Marginson (Hainsworth Park)42 pts
2ndJ. Jarrison & D. Clark (Hainsworth Park)40 pts
3rdT. Wood & K. Hall (Doncaster Town Moor)39 pts
Age 65-69NameScore
1stS. Hornsby & G. Holmes (Market Rasen)40 pts (24 Bk9)
2ndR. Whiteley & K. Hughes (Drax)40 pts (19 Bk9)
3rdT. Heath & B. Gould (Market Rasen)38 pts
4thB. Broughton & R. Tonkinson (Burstwick)37 pts
5thS. Allsopp & F. Pearson (Withernsea)36 pts
Age 70-74NameScore
1stR. Mayes & R. Williams (Hessle)38 pts
2ndK. Margerum & R. Sheppeck (Burstwick)37 pts
3rdM. Leason & B. Todd (Hainsworth)36 pts
4thE. Doak & R. Tillotson (Withernsea)33 pts
Age 75+NameScore
1stP. Thretheney & W. Cox (Drax)32 pts
2ndB. Kirton & I. Lewis (Hornsea)29 pts

Thanks to all the players who supported the event, and as ever for John Dickins for putting such hard work into organising the day and helping it run very smoothly. We shall hopefully see you later in the year for our Autumn Invitational!

Seniors Invitation Spare Tee Times Opened up to All

We are hosting a Seniors' 60+ Invitational on Monday 18th April, organised by John Dickins, and there are some spare times left available which John has opened up to any seniors wanting to play.

The competition is a pairs event and there are four age groups, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75+. If a pair enters with two players in separate age groups they will be entered into the lower age group of the two players.

Entry costs £26 per pair and it promises to be a great day out!

If you would like to enter this fantastic event please call John Dickins on 07970 130728 or email