Rules Night - Monday 11th February at 7pm

Learn about the new rule changes for 2019

Do you know about the new rules and what impact they’ll have?

Cameron Thomson of the Yorkshire Union will be hosting the event which will help golfers of all levels understand the new rule changes.

Put your names down on the sheet on the members board if you are going to join the event.

Rules Changes 2019

NEW RULES from 1st January 2019 - Everything you need to know

The new Rules of Golf from the R&A and USGA come into force from 1st January 2019 and it is important that golfers know about the changes if they are going to be playing competitively.

This helpful video below gives you a fantastic overview of the 20 biggest changes in the rules, which will be the most commonly occurring in your game. Make sure you give this video a watch before the 1st of January if you are unsure of any of the new rules.

Rules not being adopted by Burstwick

Some of the new rules include the options for local rules to be enforced by the Committee at each club, and currently the Committee has no plans to enforce any of these, this includes and alternative penalty procedure for an out of bounds or lost ball; we will remain with the traditional method of going back to where the shot was last played from under a one stroke penalty.

If you have any questions on the new rules please don’t hesitate to speak to either Alan or Matt at the club for any help or clarification.

There are now NO Blue Stakes on the Golf Course

Trees with no blue stakes

The blue stakes have now been pulled out on holes 3-11 which means there are NO BLUE STAKES on the course!

There are however still a majority of individually staked trees, which you would still take relief from solely (relief from the tree itself, not the copse of tress).

Relief procedures are the same as any Abnormal Ground Condition or GUR by identifying the nearest point of relief and then dropping within one club length, no closer to the hole.

New Drop Zones for Holes 6 and 11

We have created two new drops zones to the back-right of greens 6 and 11, and these are for people who have found their ball lying in the trees behind the green and are seeking to declare the ball unplayable with a penalty of one shot.

Because of the boundary fence it is mostly impossible to take relief when declaring unplayable and therefore can mean a near impossible shot, by using the dropping zones you are still dropping a penalty shot, but you have a chance of making a good chip. The rule is as follows:

Dropping Zone

Applies to holes 6 and 11

If a ball is found and lies in the copse of Willow trees behind the 6th and 11th greens, the player may:

(i) Play the ball as it lies; or

(ii) As an additional option, declare the ball unplayable and under penalty of one stroke, drop a ball in either of the dropping zones.


Match play – Loss of hole; Stroke play – Two strokes.