John Ward wins the Masters Par 3 Competition!

Last night we had close to 50 people enter our Masters Wednesday Par 3 9 Hole event at the club and it was a great evening for it!

With a total of 1,078 yards for the nine holes most players won’t have needed much more than a mid iron in the bag, but thanks to a cool breeze many of the holes were playing much different to their written yardage.

The format was a strokeplay with 25% handicap allowance, and the scores were very tight at the top, with just two shots separating the seven best cards.

Prizes went to the top five players and it was John Ward who climbed to the summit of the pile with a great score of 25 (-2) net.

PlayerGross Score Handicap (Shots Received) Net Score
John Ward2813 (3)25
Alex Foster2911 (3)26 (Bk 6)
Chris Theron3119 (5)26 (Bk 1)
Kevin Bullock3118 (5)26
Colin Russell3117 (4)27 (Bk 6)
2nd Hole