Zebra Finance have cease all new lending

It came to our attention on Thursday of last week that Zebra Finance Ltd have ceased all lending for new or renewing clients. This is due to their funding bank R. Raphael & Sons PLC having their banking licence revoked from the Bank of England and are therefore being wound up.

Zebra Finance

This has significant affects in the short term as the club have been using Zebra Finance as our preferred lender for membership subscription direct debits, but we hope to have a new company to replace Zebra as soon as possible.

What does this mean for me?

If you applied for your membership finance before 15th March you shouldn’t have been impacted by this, as Zebra have told us that it only affected applications from this point, and that previous applications had already had their funding allocated.

Zebra have also told us that they have been in touch with every applicant that has been affected, so members should know their individual situation.

What happens next?

In the short term, we are continuing to honour all membership rights to all members who have attempted to renew with Zebra, and as soon as we have confirmation of a new funding company we will inform everyone affected and have them apply with the new company.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this situation, but we were kept completely in the dark on the matter by Zebra Finance and had no warning of anything happening of this nature, and we fully appreciate everyone’s patience while we get another finance company on board.