More Generous Volunteer Work helping the Club Improve!

There seems to be a trend forming at Burstwick! First there was Darren Wilkinson making a great job of the 100 and 150 yard markers, then there were nine members who came to the first Volunteer Night, and now we have had two more members generously donating their time to improve things at the club!

This week men's Vice Captain and Captain have both been helping out with a few jobs that have been a big help to us. Bruce Carter has spent two days repairing divots on tees and also digging out sprinkler heads around greens and tees.

Mike Smith brought some of his own paint and treated the bench on 14th tee, after taking his time sanding the slats and getting them back in tip top shape. Mike also painted the other half of the car park posts that were started on the volunteer night.

Thanks very much everyone, your work is very much appreciated and it's helping make the place better all the time!