Thank you to the Volunteers who helps last Thursday!

Last week we ran our first volunteer club at Burstwick. The idea was born from suggestions from a few members that said they’d like to help out every now and then, and that an arranged club every month would give them chance to do so in numbers.

The first volunteer club was scheduled for last Thursday and we're delighted to say that eight members turned up to help out.

With paint brushes in hand and a couple of tins of fence paint we set about giving the entrances of the locker rooms a nice coat of cedar. After an hour we had finished, cleaned up (mainly Alan's drips because he was putting it on a little wildly!) and all the equipment put back away. Easy!

With nine people doing an hour’s work that has saved one of our maintenance staff a full days work, and it’s a job that is difficult to get round to doing with so much work going on around the course.

We would personally like to thank Bruce Carter, Sallie Nielsen, Darren Marks, Rob Hunt, Shaun McGeachy, Craig Dodson, Mike Smith and Alex Foster for attending the night and helping out!