Cleveland RTX 3 NOW in Stock!

Cleveland's brand new 588 RTX 3.0 wedges are now in stock at Burstwick! The third generation of the 588 RTX wedge feature a host of cutting-edge technologies that improve feel, spin and distance control from different lies.

These wedges feature a patent-pending 'Feel Balancing Technology' which places the centre of gravity even closer to the face of the wedge, which decreases vibration and stabilizes the club head more at the point of impact. The engineers at Cleveland have also added a micro-cavity inside the club head hosel and have reduced the length, so more weight is optimised for a more centred centre of gravity location. This results in improved feel, greater control and tighter shot dispersions for even more accuracy on the greens.

If you want to have a look at these fantastic new wedges come to Burstwick Country Golf, just 10 minutes from Hull and see what everyone is talking about!