New Men's Standard Scratch Score

Today we received official confirmation from England Golf and the USGA that our Men's Standard Scratch Scores have been updated, after we have made changes to the length of the course including adding around 150 yards of length and also bringing trees into play and changing some holes slightly.

We are delighted to say that we have achieved our target SSS which was to put +1 shot on each the whites and the yellow tees, which are now 70 and 68 respectively! These are effective from last week's competitions and will be showed on the results.

What does this mean?

Basically, what should happen now is that everyone's handicaps reduce over time by approximately one shot (or just under). As an example, if you were to shoot a score of 85 off the white tees, on the previous scratch score (69) would have meant that you effectively played to a 16 handicap. If you now shoot the same score, you will be effectively playing to a 15 handicap.

This is especially good news for those looking to try and get in a lower division, get to single figures, or just hit their target handicap.