Driving Range Tips from The Pro

Technical Practice vs Target Practice

Technical Practice

If you have been for a lesson with myself or a fellow PGA Professional, this would involve doing drills you may have been given or hitting balls with a visual aid, whether it be for strike, club path, or club face alignment for example. Or just a feeling of what you are trying to accomplish to improve your golf.

During this phase of practise you are solely focusing on the movement you are trying to make. However I would pick out some sort of target as a reference.

Target Practice

  • This is where I would like you to forget all your technical thoughts, and pick out specific targets on the range.
  • Use different clubs to different targets. Pick out a fairway, or a green, then go through your routine and hit the shot. Now you are practising how you play, rather than just beating balls with no real target.
  • If a tee shot doesn’t suit your eye, (our 16th for example), pick a line on the range as the O.O.B. then a fairway to the left and practise that tee shot.
  • Play a hole, pick out a fairway and hit driver, then pick another target as your green and hit 6 iron for example. You very rarely hit the same two clubs in a row on the golf course.

Golf is a target orientated game, so start practising hitting shots to targets and I’m sure it will help your game when your out on the golf course.