Divot Boxes Need to be Used More

Please can all golfers make a concerted to use the divot mix on the par 3 tees to fill in divots marks, as this helps the tees remain is as good condition as possible.

It has been noticed that only a handful of golfers are making use of the divot boxes and so the tees have lots of divots unfilled. As many know we have limited staffing hours so every little helps, the green keepers appreciate all efforts by the members (and visitors) to help keep the course in good condition, and this is a small thing that can make a huge difference.

The photo on the right was taken on Saturday and less than half of the divots on the white tee area were filled with divot mix.

If you are in a four ball, it is good practice for the person who tees off first to go straight to the divot box and have a scoop ready to fill at least four divots once their teammates have hit their tee shots.