Small Margins between a Good Shot & Bad Shot

 Dominic Bozzelli PGA Tour

I put out a short video tweet out (follow me on Twitter! @JBisby1) the other day about a few comments the US commentary team made about Dominic Bozzelli's swing after hitting a poor shot. The golfer had a long shot into a tight green on a par 5 with water lurking right. Unfortunately he hit the ball into the lake just a few yards right of the green.

The team commented on how the club face looked "wide open" at impact and how it wasn’t his best swing, when in reality he’s made a near-identical swing to all the others that day and on the previous days play. Bozzelli was literally just fractions out with this particular swing which caused the ball to go slightly right of target.

I think it’s important to understand that when you hit a poor shot versus a good one, there will not be much difference at all in the two swings, we're talking about small margins that can lead to wildly different shot patterns.

When on the course, never try to make drastic changes to your swing because you've hit one bad shot.

Sometimes as golfers we tend to over-think bad shots and it's easy for them to get into our heads, the best thing you can do is trust your swing and keep doing what you're doing! If bad shots keep occurring then there may be something that needs addressing, in which case I'm always available at the club for advice.