Improved Technique Can Have a Big Difference on Your Scores

When Alex first came to see me he was really struggling with his driver. The ball was going very high, not very far and the strike was very steep, (club moving down into the ball at impact too sharply); the ball would also slice from left-to-right.

The first image of him half way down shows that the club shaft pointing too much towards the ground and his hands are a little too far in front of himself. This results in the strike I mentioned above, and a weak ball flight. With his hands being too far out in front of him the only way he could swing the club was to pull it across himself, resulting in the slice.

This is a very common problem for the club golfer!

The image on the right in the same position is after a two lessons, as you can clearly see the club shaft is pointing more out towards the ball with his hands slightly more behind himself. From here if he just keeps rotating his body through impact the club will come into the ball on a much shallower angle, striking the ball slightly on an upward angle. This coupled with a club face that can now rotate nicely into the ball results in an improved strike, straighter ball flight and lower scores!