Putting coaching paid dividends for George Grassby

He was struggling with the consistency of his stroke which lead to distance control issues and missed short putts too. George was controlling the stroke too much with just his hands which lead to the problems he was having.

We worked on connecting the upper body with his arms and a feeling of his shoulders working more than his hands. With everything connected he was able to get the face square at impact more consistently, which really gave George more confidence over putts in the 4 to 10 foot range. Also rolling the ball out of the centre of the face helped with his distance control.

Some good work with George during a putting lesson recently saw him shoot a gross 6 over par round in the Forest Park Trophy Pro-Am!

Third place finish at Crosland Heath

It was nice to get off to a good start this year in the second event of the YPGA Players tour three weeks ago with a tied 3rd finish. The event was played Crosland Heath in Huddersfield, a great golf course to visit with fantastic views, if you have not been I would definitely recommend it. We had an eventful day with the weather, we had everything from bright blue skies and sunshine to thunder and hailstone!

 Crosland Heath Golf Club

With a score of 2 over par I was pleased with the way I played and battled through some tough holes while the weather was bad. As the round went on the weather did start to improve although I still made two poor bogeys on the 15th and 16th holes. But with a chip in birdie on the par 3 17th and a solid par on 18, overall I was happy with the way I played.

The Flightscope Xi Tour is coming to my Teaching Studio!

By the end of the Month the Flightscope Xi Tour launch monitor will be the newest edition to the academy and will be used in all lessons, providing a more in-depth analysis of how your golf club works through the golf swing and specifically impact, where it really matters!

As the golfer you can take as much or as little as you want from the analysis of Flightscope, it doesn't have to get too complicated if you don't want it to.

The Flightscope will also be used for the club fitting of wedges, irons and drivers and will be able to identify the club which suits you best to optimise your performance. The purchase of this launch monitor also coincides nicely with the move to Callaway Golf.

Coaching Seminar with Brian Manzella and Michael Jacobs at The Belfry

I recently attended a 2 day coaching seminar at the Belfry with two U.S top 100 coaches, Brian Manzella and Michael Jacobs. The seminar was mostly about how we apply forces and torques on the golf club and how those differ from poorer players to top level players and how we can apply this to our coaching in a simplified way to help the club golfer understand and perform to a higher level. 

I took a lot out of it and always enjoy furthering my knowledge. I have lots of new ideas and ways in which I can hopefully help you play better golf and shoot great scores!

Swing Progressing for Darren Marks

Some good work with one of our members Darren marks during a lesson recently. Darren was struggling getting the ball high with his long irons. He was getting too much of a downward strike into the back of the ball which caused a low flight.

The image on the right (which was at the end of the lesson vs the left hand image at the start) shows his hands a touch more behind him half way down and will result in a much shallower strike and launch the ball on a higher trajectory.

Small Margins between a Good Shot & Bad Shot

 Dominic Bozzelli PGA Tour

I put out a short video tweet out (follow me on Twitter! @JBisby1) the other day about a few comments the US commentary team made about Dominic Bozzelli's swing after hitting a poor shot. The golfer had a long shot into a tight green on a par 5 with water lurking right. Unfortunately he hit the ball into the lake just a few yards right of the green.

The team commented on how the club face looked "wide open" at impact and how it wasn’t his best swing, when in reality he’s made a near-identical swing to all the others that day and on the previous days play. Bozzelli was literally just fractions out with this particular swing which caused the ball to go slightly right of target.

I think it’s important to understand that when you hit a poor shot versus a good one, there will not be much difference at all in the two swings, we're talking about small margins that can lead to wildly different shot patterns.

When on the course, never try to make drastic changes to your swing because you've hit one bad shot.

Sometimes as golfers we tend to over-think bad shots and it's easy for them to get into our heads, the best thing you can do is trust your swing and keep doing what you're doing! If bad shots keep occurring then there may be something that needs addressing, in which case I'm always available at the club for advice.


Improved Technique Can Have a Big Difference on Your Scores

When Alex first came to see me he was really struggling with his driver. The ball was going very high, not very far and the strike was very steep, (club moving down into the ball at impact too sharply); the ball would also slice from left-to-right.

The first image of him half way down shows that the club shaft pointing too much towards the ground and his hands are a little too far in front of himself. This results in the strike I mentioned above, and a weak ball flight. With his hands being too far out in front of him the only way he could swing the club was to pull it across himself, resulting in the slice.

This is a very common problem for the club golfer!

The image on the right in the same position is after a two lessons, as you can clearly see the club shaft is pointing more out towards the ball with his hands slightly more behind himself. From here if he just keeps rotating his body through impact the club will come into the ball on a much shallower angle, striking the ball slightly on an upward angle. This coupled with a club face that can now rotate nicely into the ball results in an improved strike, straighter ball flight and lower scores!