Every Wednesday our PGA Professional James Bisby holds Lady Group Lessons for girls and women in the Hull & East Riding area looking to get into golf.

We want to break down those barriers which might stop girls and ladies getting into golf

These group lessons cost just £5 each and include a free hot drink afterwards, and the best thing is you don't need to bring any of your own equipment, and you can dress in whatever is comfortable!

Call PGA Professional James Bisby on 07896 257878 to book yourself into our ladies sessions now!

I never thought golf would be my thing but I tried the Ladies’ Group Sessions and had great fun while meeting new friends. Two years on and I haven’t looked back!
— Sara Hewitson
As an active person I thought that I would find golf too slow, but once I had been to a couple of group sessions I was hooked! Now I play every week with the girls and love every minute.
— Pippa Russell
Lady golf coaching near Hull